As a councilmember, I believe my role is to represent all the people, not my own interests or the interests of special interest groups. While there may be people and groups who at times more closely align with my own perspectives, my goal is to always take a balanced approach, seeking out the opinions across various viewpoints, perspectives, and ideological frameworks to gain the most holistic assessment of any issue. Balance means that I seek the greatest good, not the loudest voice. Balance also means considering various community needs and finding the places where alignment, partnership, and consensus are possible. 

Collaboration & Consensus 

I value the ability to collaborate with citizens, stakeholders, and colleagues across a variety of ideological perspectives. I stand by the ability to build and work toward consensus, not compromise; where compromise calls for various parties to give up acceptance of their goals (what we’d call a no win-no lose situation), consensus is a win-win result of group decision-making where all parties work together to reach an agreed upon decision supported by the group and for the best interest of all involved. I have a long history of community collaboration, working to understand the needs of the communities I serve and work with transparency to engage all citizens and stakeholders equitably to meet collective needs. 


I am willing to dedicate my time and energy to the work of Council. Be it engaging in meetings, spending time reading materials and preparing for thoughtful discussion, or meeting and engaging with constituents and community partners, I bring full commitment to what I do and to all I serve. I believe time is precious, and it is one of the most valuable gifts I can offer in service to my community. My commitment to Flagstaff has taken on many forms, including service on boards and commissions; advocacy at the local, state, and federal level for community needs; and dedicating many hours to volunteer service for education and the arts, community stewardship, animal care, and more. 

Faith & Stewardship

My faith compels me to live a life of service, love, and community. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in a pilot course called “Created and Called for Community.” I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time (who loves a required course that's not part of your major?!), but I have seen in my life since then how true it is: I have come to believe that who I am means nothing apart from who we are as community, that purpose and meaning come not from fulfilling my own needs but through serving others and engaging my community with love, compassion, empathy, and a sense of the value in every life I encounter. My faith also leads me to believe in the potential and necessity of Beloved Community guided by the transformative power of unity, collaboration, inclusion, and the highest and common good. I believe and live by the great commandments: to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love my neighbor as myself. Finally, my faith elevates my belief that we are all called to be faithful stewards of our community, be it through care for each other or care for the spaces around us. I value conservation and sustainability, and long not only for Beloved Community but also beautiful community that offers clean air, fresh water, beautiful open spaces, and sustainable and equitable environments for all members of our community to live and thrive within. 


I believe in belonging. We all long to belong, to be included, and to be valued as members of community. One of my greatest aims in service is to offer safe and brave spaces for people to feel and know that they belong in community with me: that I value their voices, celebrate their diverse cultures and backgrounds, and offer all an equitable seat at the table. As I shared in my application to fill the Council vacancy, I recognize that Flagstaff is rich in culture and diverse history and heritage with unique opportunities to acknowledge, celebrate, preserve, and engage the ongoing legacy of traditionally marginalized voices. Our community has an obligation to ensure that all people in our community have voice in our community; this obligation starts with me, as a servant leader in our community, to engage all voices and every neighborhood as part of Flagstaff’s collective voice and story. 


I recognize the importance of safeguarding public trust and engaging honestly with the community and its agencies. I value the laws, codes, and policies that have been set forth to protect and preserve our community and am committed to honoring and adhering to them to the best of my ability. I aim to lead with consistency, honesty, and a level of integrity that ensures our community knows I am working for them and the greatest good for Flagstaff. Integrity means that I cannot, and will not, always vote for what is popular, but I will always vote for what I believe to be right. I have worked to establish a level of transparency and openness in communication that allows people to ask, hear, and know what I stand for and trust that I stand by what I say. 

Leadership & Service 

I am a servant leader; I lead for others, not myself, and aim to uplift and empower the people and communities I serve. My goals in leadership are to foster teamwork, communicate openly, respectfully, and inclusively, and maintain accountability in and through my community. I also consider myself a democratic, participative leader. I believe in teamwork and collaboration in reaching decisions and achieving community goals, and value hearing every voice—even those that disagree with me—to reach consensus and achieve the highest, greatest good for all. As a leader, I both encourage and value growth and an attitude of constant learning; I grow those around me, and I continuously grow myself in order to better serve those I work alongside. 


Legacy, to me, is all about leaving the world, and my community, a better place than what I was given. I believe in making a difference in the lives I have the privilege of serving. At my core, it’s my desire to have a positive impact on others and on society as a whole. When I sought appointment to Flagstaff’s City Council in April 2022, it was from a desire to give: to give to Council, and to give to this beautiful community I have called home for now more than 10 years. I asked, during that process and every day I serve this community, “What can I give?” And I maintain the same answer as I gave during that process: A little bit more. I’m thankful for every opportunity to do, serve, and give a little bit more for the benefit of all who call this community home.