My priorities for serving our Flagstaff community include: the creation of affordable housing; advocating for mental health; supporting business development, employment opportunities, quality education, and vibrant community infrastructure; championing our sustainability and climate goals; investing in cultural representation and preservation; and championing the elevation of the voices of those often unheard in our community.  

Vibrant and Engaged Community
Affordable Housing, Mental Health, Equity of Access,
and Community Infrastructure

🗹 A lack of affordable housing negatively impacts individual and community health, diminishes our ability to maintain employment and a thriving business economy, and comes at the cost of the diversity and community culture we treasure. It is time to get creative to adopt actionable initiatives to meet Flagstaff’s ever-growing need for affordable, attainable housing.

🗹 A community’s health is essential to community vibrancy. We must move actively toward increased mental health awareness, advocacy, and access to resources meeting the diverse needs and backgrounds in our community.  

🗹 It is important to work toward equitable access to community resources and neighborhood infrastructure. All our citizens deserve access to the critical resources that determine their quality of life, including access to food, quality education, economic stability, access to healthcare, and neighborhoods where multimodal transportation (walking, cycling, public transit, etc.), parks, and civic spaces are made accessible for all. 

Sustainability and Sustainable Development
Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Justice,
and Sustainable Solutions for Development

🗹 Flagstaff is a community that values our unique natural resources and thrives on sustainability and conservation. Through stewardship in and of our community, we protect and preserve our natural environment in support of clean air, water quality, and ethical land use for community resiliency.

🗹 We must examine policies and practices to reduce and minimize waste and preserve community and environmental resources in ways that consider equitable access to community space, resources, and all those things that determine the health and well-being of our neighborhoods and citizens.

🗹 The planning and development of our community now must also consider the needs of future generations that will call Flagstaff home. As we grow, we must work to ensure that both our current and future community members are given equitable access to quality education; clean water, air, and energy; opportunities for business growth, economic development, and employment; and infrastructure to support that growth on the long term. 

Neighborhood Engagement and Empowerment
Cultural Preservation and Celebration, Promotion of the
Arts and Cultural Representation, and Supporting the
Voices of Our Community and Neighborhoods

🗹 As a community, Flagstaff is rich in culture and diverse history and heritage, with unique opportunities to acknowledge, celebrate, preserve, and engage with the ongoing legacies of traditionally marginalized voices. 

🗹Part of celebrating Flagstaff’s cultural heritage while enriching our future is acknowledging the history of our unique neighborhoods and the peoples who called them, and crafted them as, home. We must work to empower the ongoing development of our neighborhoods in ways that provide economic vitality while preserving the historical footprints of the peoples who sculpted Flagstaff into the community we enjoy today.

🗹 The arts are critical to enriching Flagstaff’s cultural story, preserving our history, and protecting our future. From beautification projects in our neighborhoods to artistic representations and celebrations of Flagstaff’s cultural heritage, the arts provide countless outlets for deeply enriching engagement in and of our neighborhoods and neighbors.

🗹 We must ensure all people in our community have voice in our community, and work toward engaging each neighborhood as part of Flagstaff’s collective voice and story. 

Please show your support this November by writing in
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